• Do you wonder what behaviors are indicative of a normal teenager and what behaviors point to a problem?
  • Are you concerned about the friends your child is associating with?
  • Do you know how much alcohol use it too much alcohol use? 

or has it gone further than that and you find yourself worried and afraid most of the time.  Not knowing what shape your child will be in when he/she comes home tonight, if he/she comes home tonight.

When drugs and alcohol become a part of the picture, the entire family suffers. You try everything you can to hinder the downward spiral, yet you can do nothing but stand by helplessly and watch.  You feel angry, terrified and ridden with guilt. “What did I do wrong?” “If only we hadn’t divorced,” “If only I  had been more strict,” “If only I can get them to understand the dangers,” If only I had put them in a different school”, “If only, if only…”

I can help you sort out the reality from the fears and if necessary recommend solutions that will benefit your entire family.

We will explore ways to intervene on your loved ones alcohol and drug use and give you tools to take care of yourself in the midst of the problem.  You will regain a healthy emotional atmosphere in your home.
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Parent Services::


1 1/2 hour session to discuss and evaluate situation and create plan of action.


Intervention services are individualized. This option will be discussed at the consultation session

Individual Counseling

50 minute sessions individualized to the need of the participant.

Group Counseling

Counseling and support with other parents affected by their child’s behaviors

Family Counseling

Working together with the entire family to create a safe supportive environment where healing can take place.

Parent Support Group

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