Is Lack Of Accessibility To A Qualified Therapist Standing In The Way Of You Getting Help?

Are you or a loved one struggling with alcohol and/or drug abuse or dependency? Do ongoing issues with relationships, job performance, legal problems, financial concerns and/or unfulfilled promises to cut back or quit have you questioning or even certain that use has turned into abuse and possibly addiction? Perhaps you’re considering drug and alcohol counseling, but your work schedule or other weekday time constraints don’t allow for ongoing weekly meetings with a drug and alcohol therapist during normal 9-5 business hours. Maybe you live in a rural community or have transportation or mobility issues and simply can’t make appointments that require traveling. Or, it might be that you travel often for work, have a high profile career, don’t want to explain where you disappear to for an hour every week and/or worry about people in the community learning that you’re seeking drug and alcohol treatment. Do you believe that you or a loved one could significantly benefit from drug and alcohol counseling, but the logistics of onsite therapy appointments seem overwhelming or even unmanageable?

Living with or loving someone with a drug and/or alcohol problem can be a confusing, frustrating and isolating experience. You might desperately want to cut down or quit—and stay quit—but factors that often seem out of your control keep you stuck in the vicious loop of abuse or addiction. It might be that you’ve become dependent on prescription drugs and know that you’re taking far too many far too often than prescribed for your pain. Or maybe what once was moderate alcohol use had turned into more and more drinks every night, and you’re starting to feel powerless to stop or even cut down for any significant period of time. It might be that you or a loved one has a drug problem that has gotten to the point where life is beginning to feel unmanageable when not high and out of control when under the influence. And, while you might know that it’s time to seek help, issues such as lack of time, mobility or transportation might have you putting off seeking the help and support that you know you need. Perhaps you’ve heard of online therapy and wonder if talking to a therapist online could work for you and/or your family.

You Are Not Alone And Online Therapy Can Help You Connect

Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction are extremely common in our culture. Studies report that there are 20 million Americans over the age of 12 with drug addiction and 2.6 million drug addicts also struggle with alcohol dependence. Alcohol is the most commonly abused substance in America, affecting roughly 17 million people, although alcohol abuse and alcoholism often go untreated because of the legality and acceptance of alcohol in our society. Prescription drug abuse and addiction is also on the rise, with people prescribed these drugs forming an addiction and millions of others abusing them recreationally.

Although addiction is prevalent in today’s culture, there are millions of people struggling with drug and alcohol issues that don’t get the help and support they need. While some deny that a problem exists, others know better. They’d like to get and stay sober—or at least cut back and feel responsible in their use of prescription drugs, alcohol or even illicit drugs—but struggle time and time again to stay accountable to the promises they make to others and themselves. Breaking a pattern of drug or alcohol dependence can be difficult and oftentimes impossible to do without the proper guidance and support.

The good news is that if you or a loved one is struggling with chemical dependency yet can’t make in-office drug or alcohol therapy sessions, we can help. E-counseling through Kagey Family Therapy offers you access to a licensed, experienced drug and alcohol counselor, flexibility and a valuable therapy experience from the convenience and comfort of your home or office. And, research shows that working with a therapist online is as effective as traditional, in-person therapy sessions.

Online Counseling Provides You With The Support, Guidance And Flexibility To Create A New Path Forward

Struggling with drug and alcohol abuse or addiction can be a painful and seemingly never-ending experience, but there is help available. A better way of living is possible and within your reach. And, while you might feel isolated in your addiction, you are far from alone. Issues related to chemical dependency impact tens of millions of people and their families every year. Although patterns of abuse can be hard to break and addiction difficult to beat, with proper support and guidance your chances of cutting back and/or getting and staying sober increase significantly. And now with the development of online therapy, you can get the help you need from your home or office.

In online addiction counseling sessions, your Kagey Family Therapy therapist will provide you with safety, compassionate support and the guidance and strategies that can help you take manageable, thoughtful steps toward change. Whether you’re looking for alcohol counseling, drug counseling or family counseling, you can learn the difference between use, abuse and addiction and figure out where you or a loved one falls on that spectrum. You can also explore the root causes and triggers that lead to excessive use and develop skills and tools you can draw from to keep you accountable to your goals even on the most challenging days. It can be difficult to navigate life in a new routine, especially if that includes total sobriety. However, by increasing self-awareness and identifying and building upon your innate strengths and resources, you truly can set and achieve the goals that are important to you and get your life back.

While we enjoy seeing clients at our Houston, TX and Dripping Springs, TX offices, we’ve learned through years of treating drug and alcohol issues and offering support to families that issues of time, accessibility and convenience often keep people from getting the ongoing support they need. Now, using VSEE, an online therapy platform that operates much like Skype, we’re able to offer online therapy sessions in compliance with HIPPA standards. All the same confidentiality rules apply online as they do to in-office sessions, and VSEE is easy to use and can be accessed through a computer, iPad or smartphone.

Through online counseling you can get the help you need in a flexible, accessible way, which can make all the difference when busy schedules and time constraints too often get in the way. We are flexible in scheduling times, and can do early morning and evening sessions as needed. And, if you’re local to one of our offices, we can meet in person periodically as a supplement to online sessions.

Embark On A Journey Of Healing, Discovery And Growth

Whether you’re a busy professional, a stay-at-home parent, a college student or someone with mobility or transportation issues, online addiction counseling offers you the flexibility and accessibility to get the guidance and support needed to create change in your life. We invite you to call our office at 832-928-0211 for a complimentary phone consultation. We’re available to discuss your situation, needs and goals and answer any questions you have about drug and alcohol counseling, family therapy, online counseling and our practice.