“Am I crazy?” “Is there something wrong with me?” “Why do I feel so worthless, even though I appear to be successful?” “Will I ever feel like I fit in?”  “Will I ever have control over these negative thoughts that have been with me since childhood?”

Do you:

  • Guess at what normal is?
  • Have difficulty having fun?
  • Judge yourself and/or others harshly?
  • Have difficulty with close relationships?
  • Find yourself being exceedingly loyal even when the loyalty is undeserved?

After years of working with adults and adolescents who have been affected by a caregiver’s addiction, we have found these comments as common and widespread as the disease of addiction itself.  It is estimated that two thirds of the population have been affected by alcohol or drug addiction and when you add in the “process” addictions such as gambling, sex, spending, food, co-dependency etc., the problem is magnified.

When you begin the process of healing you and your family will reap the benefits.  At Kagey Family Counseling, we can help you understand how your past is affecting your present so you can learn new coping skills, start self nurturing behaviors and create a healthy emotional atmosphere in your home.

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1 1/2 hour session to discuss and evaluate situation and create plan of action.


Intervention services are individualized. This option will be discussed at the consultation session.

Individual Counseling

50 minute sessions individualized to the need of the participant.

Group Counseling

Counseling and support with other children of addicts

Family Counseling

Working together with the entire family to create a safe supportive environment where healing can take place.
Al-Anon ACA support groups