Do you worry about someone else’s drinking, drug use, gambling or other self destructive behavior?

Have you felt hurt or embarrassed by his/her behavior?

Do you find yourself making excuses for him/her?

When addiction becomes a part of the picture, everyone suffers. You try everything you can to hinder the downward spiral, yet you can do nothing but stand by helplessly and watch.  You feel angry, terrified and ridden with guilt. “My love should be enough to heal him,” “What did I do wrong?” “Doesn’t she love me?” “If he would just limit his drinking to the weekends or stay away from the hard liquor,” “If only I love him enough,” “If only I can get her to understand… ,” “If only he had a less stressful job”, “If only, if only…”

I can help you sort out the reality from the fears and work on solutions for you that will benefit your entire family.

We will explore ways to intervene on your loved ones behavior and give you tools that will enable you to take care of yourself in the midst of the problem.  You will regain peace of mind.  You will regain a healthy emotional atmosphere in your home.

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Friend/Family Member Services::


1 1/2 hour session to discuss and evaluate the situation and create plan of action.


Intervention services are individualized. This option will be discussed at the consultation session.

Individual Counseling

50 minute sessions individualized to the need of the participant.

Group Counseling

Counseling and support with other people affected by someone else’s behaviors.

Family Counseling

Working together with the entire family to create a safe supportive environment where healing can take place.
Support Groups