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At Kagey Family Counseling, we know both personally and professionally how substance abuse and addiction impact families, how powerful addiction can be and the challenges faced on the road of recovery. We also know that recovery is a journey with many paths to healing and that it’s possible for you to discover yours. Take an empowered first step and start your healing journey today.


Healing Starts Here

Kagey Family Therapy provides in-office and online drug and alcohol counseling throughout Texas and online recovery coaching throughout the United States. Whether your goal is to cut back on use, get and stay sober and/or ensure that your family has the guidance and support needed to heal relationships and process emotional wounds, we can help. Our team of experienced, skilled and thoughtful certified drug and alcohol counselors understand that everyone experiences abuse and addiction in different ways, and we know that there are many paths to healing and recovery.

Drawing from decades of personal and professional experience, evidence based approaches and practical strategies, we will tailor create a drug and alcohol counseling and/or family therapy plan that best addresses and supports your specific history, experience with substances, values, needs and therapy goals. We’re here to help you identify and address the root causes of your substance abuse issues, better understand and mitigate triggers and provide you with practical and effective strategies that are in alignment with your goals. Whether you aim to cut back on use, maintain sobriety or engage in the healing work that’s often needed to reframe your relationship with substances, we know that there is a healing path for everyone—it’s just a matter of discovering what works for you.

We also understand the challenges that are often presented by trying to make ongoing, in-office appointments, which is why we offer online coaching and therapy in addition to in-person drug and alcohol counseling sessions at our Houston, TX and Dripping Springs, TX office locations. Research indicates that online counseling is as effective as in-person sessions and can be done from the comfort, convenience and confidential space of your home or office.

Take The First Step Toward Healing—Ask For Help

You don’t have to continue to live in the overwhelming cycle of abuse and addiction or the accompanying feelings of guilt, shame and blame. If you or a loved one is in need of drug and alcohol counseling and/or family therapy in Texas or a skilled recovery coach anywhere in the US, we invite you to call our office at 832-928-0211 for a complimentary phone conversation. We’re happy to discuss your specific needs and answer questions you have about drug and alcohol treatment, online therapy and our practice.

We know personally and professionally that healing, discovery, growth and recovery are possible for you. And asking for help—albeit sometimes daunting—is a powerful first step. With help, support and a willingness to self-explore and affect change, you can live a meaningful, vibrant life free from the hold of drugs and alcohol.

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Online counseling at Kagey Family Counseling offers you access to licensed, experienced and understanding substance abuse, addiction, codependency and family therapists in the state of Texas, as well as recovery coaching that can be done from anywhere in the U.S. Enjoy the flexibility, confidentiality and privacy of a constructive healing experience from the convenience and comfort of your home or office. We offer compassionate, customized guidance, tools and strategies that are tailored to best address and support you and your family’s unique needs, values and recovery goals. And, research shows that working with a therapist online is as effective as traditional, in-person therapy.

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