Am I An Alcoholic?

Are you wondering if you have an addiction to alcohol?

If you are concerned about your drinking, the drinking of a family member or a friend’s use of alcohol this test can help you decide if it is time to ask for help. Alcoholism has many faces and people’s experiences will vary with each person. However, there are a few common characteristics that we see in problem drinkers. The alcohol assessment below can help you to identify some of those characteristics.

Directions:  This is a self-test designed for you to assess your own situation. You are the only one who will see the results of this alcohol assessment so be open and honest with yourself.  The questions do not include other drugs taken for medical and non-medical uses. Read the questions carefully, they are not asking if these experiences happen every time you drink.

Decide whether your answer is YES or NO and then check the appropriate space. Please be sure to answer every question.

  • Has a friend or family member expressed concerns about your drinking?
  • Do you wake up after a night of drinking feeling regret about the things you might have said or done?
  • Do you ever feel guilty about your drinking?
  • When going out with other people do you sometimes have a drink or two before leaving?
  • Before going to an event, do you ever decide to limit your drinking then end up breaking that promise to yourself?
  • Do you tend to drink more heavily when you are upset or under pressure?
  • Have you ever had a DWI?
  • Are you having problems in your life as a result of your drinking?
  • Do you ever find that you cannot remember parts of an evening that you spent drinking?
  • Does it take more alcohol to get a “buzz” than it used to?
  • Have you ever made promises to a family member or friend about your drinking and not kept the promise?
  • Have you tried to switch types of alcohol that you drink so that you can control the amount you drink?
  • Do you often find that you want to continue drinking when most of your friends have had enough?
  • Do you ever make decisions about what to do based on the availability of alcohol?
  • Are there often occasions where you know you are going to drink heavily?
  • Does it seem that life without alcohol would be unbearably boring?
  • Do you have any family members who are heavy drinkers?
  • Have you ever passed out as a result of drinking?
  • Do you find yourself making irrational decisions when drinking (ie. driving, attending school functions with your children, flirting with someone inappropriate, drinking too much at a company party) and feeling ashamed after sobering up?
  • Were you 17 or younger when you started drinking?
  • Have you ever drank alcohol while taking prescribed medication that specifically instructs you not to drink?
  • Do you ever feel the need to lie about if you were drinking or how much you drank?
  • Do you find that sometimes you can control how much you drink and other times nothing can get between you and your next drink?


“no” is scored 0, and a “yes” is scored 1.  The score above reflects the total number of questions that were answered “yes.”  A score of 2 or more indicates that you may be at greater risk for alcoholism.

If you answered “yes” to between 2 and 8 questions, you should consider arranging a personal meeting with a professional who has experience in the evaluation of alcohol problems.

If you answered “yes” to more than 8 questions, you may have a serious level of alcohol-related problems requiring immediate attention and possible treatment.  You should seek professional guidance.

Find Your Freedom

If you and your family are suffering from the impact of addiction, we can help. Addiction is a family disease, and everyone needs support and a safe space to heal. We will guide you by creating an addiction recovery strategy that’s personalized for you and your family. There is freedom from the pain and shame. Take a powerful first step - ask for help - and start your healing journey with us today.

I invite you to call our office at 832-928-0211 for a free 15-minute phone consultation. We’re happy to discuss your specific needs and answer any questions you have. We have offices in Houston, TX, and we provide online therapy and recovery coaching for anyone living outside the Houston area.

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