Family Interventions: Questions and Concerns

You still may have questions and concerns about family intervention…


What is the difference in a clinical interventionist and other interventionists?

In the day and age of online education and training there are programs that will “train and certify” anyone who chooses to take the class regardless of their knowledge, background or experience.  People are charging exorbitant amounts of money for substandard services and no follow-up.  Leaving the family hanging out there with no guidance after the intervention.  As a clinical interventionist I bring over 25 years of clinical experience.  I believe the family needs are as important as the addicted persons needs and will help the family on a continuing basis.  Once a family has worked with me they become a member of our ever growing family.


We did an intervention before and it didn’t work. How could trying again with you lead to different results?

Unlike other forms of intervention, which can feel punitive, I lead interventions from a place of love. I also believe that intervention is most successful when there is planning and supportive follow-up that considers everyone’s needs.  I understand that every individual and family is different, which is why I’ll work with you beforehand to create a strategic approach to the intervention, as well as after to help you avoid the emergence of old patterns. When it comes to battling addiction, it truly does take a village, and I am there to support you and your family the whole way.


I am so worried, but cannot see my loved one being receptive to intervention. I’m wondering why to even try.

I understand where you are coming from, and have heard many other concerned people share the same feeling. It’s also not uncommon for an addict and/or alcoholic to threaten to walk out of an intervention and/or deny there is a problem. Others, much like you, also feel discouraged, hearing from other people that their attempt at an intervention with a loved one didn’t work. But, it can. I’ve seen many families try, and when approached from a place of love and support, come through a successful intervention. We’re also going to go in with a well thought out plan. With strategy in place, rates of success increase.


Is there a way to do an intervention ourselves?

It is possible to do an intervention without an interventionist, which can be a great first step. Oftentimes people are receptive to starting with just family and close friends that they trust and respect. If a soft intervention is the path you want to try, I can train you on structured conversation and provide you with specific tools to use. And, if the soft intervention is not well received, we can discuss options and consider a more formal intervention.



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If you and your family are suffering from the impact of addiction, we can help. Addiction is a family disease, and everyone needs support and a safe space to heal. We will guide you by creating an addiction recovery strategy that’s personalized for you and your family. There is freedom from the pain and shame. Take a powerful first step - ask for help - and start your healing journey with us today.

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