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Group Therapy At Kagey Family Counseling  

Are you feeling disconnected from a supportive recovery community? Perhaps you’ve been engaged in individual substance abuse counseling, but feel that you’re not growing any more or moving forward. Or, maybe your current counselor has suggested group therapy as a way for you to connect with others walking a shared path. It might be that you’ve relapsed recently and/or that your recovery feels unstable right now—especially with all of the uncertainty around COVID-19 and this global pandemic—and you’re looking for a way to get added support and set yourself up for success. Or maybe you’ve recently completed an IOP or PHP and want to continue group work following an intensive outpatient program. Perhaps programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous are not resonating with you and/or going as deep as you’d like. Are you looking to build a strong and supportive network in which you can explore and address issues as they arise and feel supported by and supportive of others who have shared and similar experiences? 

The Benefits Of Group Therapy 

Many studies show that group therapy can be more effective than individual therapy and can move you forward twice as fast as individual work can. Also, when used in tandem with individual therapy, this comprehensive approach to healing can help you and/or a loved one make tremendous progress in the growth and healing that are integral to achieving and maintaining sobriety and long-term recovery. 

Group work tends to be highly effective in that the sharing of stories and experiences can lead to significant shame reduction. Feelings of shame and guilt often arise, especially in early recovery, and it helps to share experiences and know that you’re not alone. 

Also, as humans, we are wired to be in and heal and through relationships. At Kagey Family Counseling, we create a safe container in which you and your fellow group members can learn to set and maintain healthy boundaries, assert yourselves in positive and empowering ways, develop active listening skills and cultivate strong connections with people with shared experiences. Through group therapy work, you can develop deeper insights, broaden your perspective and bring in your own experience and strengths, helping and supporting others as you simultaneously are provided with help, guidance and support. There is such power in the sharing of stories. Sharing not only encourages increased vulnerability, which we are in dire need of especially in today’s world while also decreasing feelings of shame, but it also gives power to the voice and growth of each individual in the group as it collectively moves us all forward. 

Groups We Offer At Kagey Family Counseling 

Women’s Therapy Group

Our women’s therapy group is a safe place to develop skills, share your experiences and support other women walking a similar path. This small group generally consist of no more than eight women at a given time as to attend to and support the sensitivities that can arise when doing this deep, powerful and connecting work. Issues that are addressed include, but are not limited to, codependency, substance abuse, relationships, setting healthy boundaries, self-care, self-worth, self-confidence, self-love and family dynamics, especially as these specifically relate to women. 

Men’s Therapy Group

Our men’s therapy group offers men an opportunity to share and open up freely, honestly and authentically in a culture that normally doesn’t support and offer such opportunities for men. Like the women’s group, our men’s group is also small and generally limited to eight men at a given time. A primary focus of this group is on substance abuse and addiction, which can also include sex, pornography, food, gambling, etc., and how substance abuse and addictions have and are showing up in and affecting their lives. Other focuses include shame reduction; setting, practicing and maintaining boundaries; relationships; self-care strategies; and family dynamics, as well as learning how to positively assert oneself in a group setting, which can increase both confidence and compassion for self and others. 

Relapse Prevention Group 

Our relapse prevention group is designed to support both men and women in recovery. Joining the group requires a minimum of 30 days of sobriety and is ideal for people committed to long-term recovery. It’s also highly useful for those who have been sober for a while, but are suddenly finding themselves struggling with life issues and are seeking support, as well as for those who feel compelled to support others on their recovery journey. Our recovery prevention group offers members psychoeducation, as well as both tried-and-true and innovative tips, tools and techniques that can be used to help maintain sobriety and engage in a healthy lifestyle. The group focuses on designing and reframing (as needed) a healing path that works for you and the sharing of strategies that enhance recovery. 

PHP and IOP Aftercare Group

Our aftercare group is available to anyone who has completed our partial hospitalization program (PHP) and/or intensive outpatient program (IOP) and is looking for the ongoing support that this group environment provides. Aftercare through a group can be incredibly powerful and help you navigate the issues and challenges that inevitably come up while in recovery and in navigating life in general. There is also so much power in both receiving and offering support to others through the sharing of your story, experiences, skills and strength. Doing so has been demonstrated time and again to bring increased meaning and purpose to your recovery and life. 

Family Group Therapy 

Our family therapy group is designed for family members whose loved one is participating in our PHP or IOP. This group, which meets once a week, provides a safe place to share and connect with others walking a similar path on the thoughts, feelings and issues that often arise around a loved one’s chemical dependency. This dynamic group focuses on the needs of the group in general and provides psychoeducation about substance abuse and family dynamics, as well as addresses codependency and how you can best support yourself, other members of your family and your loved one during the healing and recovery process. 

Our Approach To Group Therapy Ay Kagey Family Counseling 

All of our groups are facilitated by highly experienced, licenced and compassionate substance abuse, addiction and family counselors. Our groups are a safe and confidential place to learn, share experiences, feel supported and support others on their healing journey. Our clinicians take a positive and strength-based approach to group work, honoring the needs of each individual, while also providing psychoeducation and working with the topics that arise within the dynamic of the group. 

As humans, we all have our stuff. This “stuff” can often become compounded when dealing with substance abuse and addiction. Rather than hide, as addiction is so often shrouded in secrecy and breeds shame, our groups focus on allowing thoughts and feelings to be safely and respectfully shared. There is power in allowing ourselves to be heard and seen and to be there for others so they, too, can be heard and seen. It’s often said that isolation is the opposite of recovery because of the secrets, and that we are meant to heal in relationship with others. There is much release, relief, healing and growth that occurs in group therapy.

We also believe in taking a collaborative approach to healing and can work closely with your current therapist or counselor in order to provide the highest level of comprehensive care. If you’re a therapist, please visit our page for professionals that details our philosophy and how we work with others in the mental health/substance abuse and addiction field. 

We Are Here To Help  

We understand and appreciate that there are many paths to healing, which is why we are committed to helping you, your loved one and/or your family discover or reframe the path that works and feels right for you. If you and/or your family are suffering from the effects of addiction, group therapy can provide invaluable support. We invite you to reach out online or call our office at 832-928-0211 to schedule a complimentary phone consultation. We truly are here to help and are happy to discuss group therapy and the other counseling services we provide, as well as answer any questions you have. 

Please note that due to COVID-19 and our commitment to keeping our clients and staff safe during pandemic, all group therapy sessions, as well as all of our other counseling services and outpatient programs, are being conducted through a secure and easily accessible online portal. 

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