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Helping individuals and families find relief, healing and freedom from the effects of addiction through discovering their own personal road of recovery.

At Kagey Family Counseling, we know both personally and professionally the power of addiction and the distressing effects that the disease has on generations of families. We also know through our own personal journeys of recovery and professional experience helping others struggling with addiction that there is a path of healing for everyone and that it is possible for you and your family to discover yours. With addiction, substance abuse, codependency, trauma and issues with family dynamics so prevalent in our culture, it’s more important than ever that individuals and families battling addiction know that there is help and hope. Although addiction breeds feelings of shame, anger, guilt, betrayal, tension and isolation, you are not alone. We have been there and, in many ways, still are there. We’ll meet you where you are, offering support, guidance and respect of your culture, values, personal needs and recovery goals, helping you discover what specifically works for you.

Our substance abuse counselors and recovery coaches are specifically trained, highly experienced and, above all, compassionate. We place value in personal experience and know from the inside-out and on an intrinsic level what it feels like to struggle with chemical dependency, to become consumed with a loved one’s need for the drink and/or drug and to be raised in a family in which drugs and alcohol take priority. We understand the trauma and challenges. We also understand the joys and the confusion. There is good and bad in everyone and every situation, which is why we never place blame, shame or judge. We all have our stories and journeys, traumas that need to be healed and empowering places to go.

We know that healing is not just about the addict, which is why we also work with families and place an emphasis on healing relationships in recovery. As humans, we are meant to live, learn, love, grow and heal in relationships. In working with our team, you and your family can discover thoughtful and effective ways to foster ongoing dialogues, heal old wounds, get needs met, decipher what is yours versus another’s to hold and how to feel empowered in your own lives. You can learn to be your best possible self in the relationships you cultivate with yourself and with others regardless of what is occurring around you. Essentially, as you work toward healing yourself, you work toward healing your family.

While addiction is prevalent in our culture and we are all walking a shared path, we understand that every person and family is unique and comes to us with their own personal history, experience, needs and goals. We’ll work collaboratively with you to devise a therapy strategy that best supports and addresses where you are today and where you want to go, figuring out what works specifically for you. You know yourself and your family. We understand addiction and have the personal, clinical, therapeutic and coaching experience that can help to facilitate discoveries, growth, healing and change.

We are committed to doing whatever we can to provide substance abuse treatment, recovery coaching, family counseling and codependency counseling that is safe, confidential, inclusive and accessible. We offer evening appointments and have two office locations in Houston, TX. We also offer online therapy and recovery coaching throughout the U.S.


Find Your Freedom

If you and your family are suffering from the impact of addiction?  We can help. Addiction is a family disease, and everyone needs support and a safe space to heal.  We will guide you by creating an addiction recovery strategy that’s personalized for you and your family.  There is freedom from the pain and shame. Take a powerful first step - ask for help - and start your healing journey with us today.

I invite you to call our office at 832-928-0211 for a free 15-minute phone consultation.  We’re happy to discuss your specific needs and answer any questions you have. We have offices in Houston, TX, and we provide online therapy and recovery coaching  for anyone living outside the Houston area..

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