4 Ideas of Where You Can Do Your Online Counseling Sessions While Staying at Home

Unusual Times Call for Unusual Solutions!


If You Live with Others and are Trying to Start or Continue Counseling, Please give these Ideas a Try!

1. Your (Parked) Car

You can conduct your Telehealth Session from your car. Download the Zoom app to your smartphone and sit in your parked car in your driveway or in-front of your home or apartment. Tell your family that you will be having a private conversation, and you’ll come back inside when you’re finished. If your WiFi works from your car and you have a laptop, you could use that instead.

2. Your Bathroom

We know! Who wants to be stuck in the bathroom? But, it may be the only place you can find space to yourself right now. Take a cup of tea and your laptop or smartphone into the bathroom and lock the door. Check with family members first (if it’s your only bathroom), and let them know you’ll be out in an hour.

3. Your Back Porch or Garden

If you have a little porch area or garden behind or beside your home/apartment, take your device out there for your session. You can use headphones with speaker capability to keep the conversation more private. There should be fewer people than usual outside, so hopefully your neighbors won’t be out. We want you to be aware of protecting your confidentiality while outside.

4. Your Closet

If you have a room you can go in and close the door, that is ideal. However, you may not have a private room or you may not feel like your room is not soundproof enough. If you have a closet that you are able to sit in, this may be an option to use instead. Again – let your family know you’ll be “gone” for an hour, and try to make It as comfortable as possible!

While none of these are perfect answers, we believe they are better options than canceling your appointments or not starting counseling if you need it.

This is a tough time for everyone. It’s especially tough if you or someone you love with is struggling with addiction, trauma, or relationship conflicts. We encourage you to reach out to us. We offer sliding scale fees, and we’re here to support you.