Are You Looking for AA, Al-Anon, or ACA Meetings During COVID-19?

At Kagey Family Counseling, we are concerned about all of you out there who may be looking for 12 Step meetings right now.  Due to CDC guidelines, most meetings are no longer being conducted in person.  Some meetings have transitioned to being held via Zoom or by phone, and we want to give you the information we have found so far.  If you know of any additional meeting information, we invite you to share it. 

Because our offices are primarily located in the Houston area, we have provided information for the Houston area, but we have also provided links for meetings wherever you live via the respective meetings’ world service offices. 

Alcoholics Anonymous

The Houston AA Service Office has done a fantastic job at updating their page regularity during this time! The following links will take you to the most important information.  You can also call them on the phone if you have additional questions.  713-686-6300.

This is their main page for COVID-19 Updates and Resources.

This is a direct link to their current listing for online Houston area meetings.

This is a direct link to their instructions for those who have not set up Google Hangouts or Zoom before.

You can also find a list of AA worldwide meetings online through the AA Online Intergroup page.


The Houston Al-Anon Service Office has not listed Houston Al-Anon digital meetings on their site at this time.  However, you can access the Al-anon World Service Office list of online meetings through their site to find Al-Anon meetings that are usually held online.  They are listed under “Electronic Meetings”.

If you know anyone who currently attends Al-Anon meetings in Houston, you can also ask them if they have the Zoom information for the meetings they go to.

Adult Children of Alcoholics

The ACA website is also striving to stay updated during this time.  You can search specifically for Online or Phone meetings on the right side of their Meeting Search Page.

You can also search on the left side of this page by your zip code or city/area.  When the list of meetings comes up for your zip code/city, you can click on Meeting Contact within each meeting listed.  If you agree to “Maintain Confidentiality” (this is another box you will be ask to click on), then you can see the email address for the meeting contact person and reach out to them to see if they have any information about the meeting being on Zoom or on the phone. 

This is the direct link for meetings within 50 miles of Houston.

We realize this is not a comprehensive list of all the 12 Step fellowships or resources in Houston or wherever you are living.  We hope this is enough information to get you started and to get you connected or keep you connected to meetings at this time. 

Please reach out to me if you need assistance dealing with an active addiction yourself or if you are living with someone in active addiction.  I am here and ready to support you via Zoom, phone or email.  It’s a scary time to be stuck at home when you are struggling with addiction, but I am here to help.  I hope you will reach out – help is available. 

Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash