Awareness, such a simple word yet, the lack of it interferes with our ability to follow our path of happy destiny.  We often take it for granted not realizing our own conscience awareness is really the key to all we want to accomplish in life. Whether it is overcoming an addiction, changing relationship dynamics, deciding which job to accept or even whom to marry.  Most of us go through life unconscious.  Letting the world dictate our decisions, thoughts, feelings and actions.  We find ourselves stuck in the same patterns of action.

”You cannot change anything you are not aware of.”  Not rocket science I know but it is the concept that alludes us the most.  When we become aware of our feelings, our reactions and our thoughts, we are then able to direct or redirect ourselves toward a positive course of action.

When we become aware of our sensitive areas (buttons) why they are sensitive and what to do about it we become empowered to make a change.

When we become aware of our own defenses and how they affect our spiritual life, our relationship with ourselves and consequently our relationships with others, we have the opportunity to make different decisions for ourselves.

When we become aware of other peoples areas of strength and weaknesses and accept them for who they are we can let go of trying to get our needs met through manipulation and control.  We come across an empty well and begin going back repeatedly expecting it to be full, getting angrier and angrier each time.  Why the well is empty, whether or not it needs to change and how it chooses to change is not, as Steven Covey would say, in our area of influence.  Therefore, this tells us the first thing to do is accept other people for who they are without judgement then we are able to become aware of and take responsibility for our own reactive behavior, giving us the power to change.

Awareness is the key that opens the first door in your journey!