Since the show “Intervention” began airing on TV in 2005, there has been a lot of speculation about the role of Interventions in addressing a Loved One’s addictive or self-destructive behavior.  Over a series of posts, we’re going to explore Interventions in detail – and specifically – how Kagey Family Counseling approaches Interventions.  In this post, we’ll start with discussing who is qualified to lead an Intervention and how Linda’s specialty training as a Love First Interventionist informs her compassionate and unique style to facilitating interventions. 

Clinical Credentials – Understanding All Those Letters Behind Counselors’ Names

In the day and age of online education and training, there are programs that will ‘train and certify’ anyone who chooses to take the class regardless of their knowledge, background or experience.  This goes for people who want to do Interventions too!  It is important when you’re looking for someone to do an Intervention that you choose a Licensed Clinician – someone who has State certified and professional credentials.  It can be overwhelming to see all those letters behind peoples’ names, especially when you have no idea what they mean.  In the State of Texas, the following credentials (letters behind someone’s name) demonstrate that they are professionally licensed clinicians.  Oh, and just because someone is a licensed clinician, it doesn’t necessarily mean they do interventions.  We’ll get to that next.  

  • L.C.D.C – Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor
  • L.P.C – Licensed Professional Counselor
  • L.C.S.W – Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Psy.D. – Doctor of Psychology
  • Ph.D. – Doctor of Philosophy
  • M.D. – Medical Doctor

So, now you have an idea of the variety of credentials that demonstrate someone is a Licensed Clinician.  It is possible that a counselor has one or has several of these credentials.  The important thing is that your Interventionist has at least one of these.  If you are unsure whether the counselor you’re speaking to is a Licensed Clinician, feel free to ask them.

Linda Kagey, L.C.D.C. 

So, what are you getting with me?  Here at Kagey Family Counseling, we only work with Licensed Clinicians – or clinicians in training to receive their licensure.  As the primary counselor and owner of Kagey Family Counseling – I am a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (L.C.D.C.), and I have been a practicing clinician in the field of chemical dependency for over 25 years.  I am also a recovering alcoholic with a family history of substance abuse.  Consequently, I bring a wealth of experience, both personally and professionally, to my role as a Clinical Intervention Specialist.

I am also A Love First Intervention Specialist 

I chose to obtain specialty training in an Intervention Model that I truly believe in.  The Love First Intervention Model focuses on seeing your Loved One as a person first and seeing his or her addiction/disease as just one part of him or her.  The entire Intervention process is done with a focus on love and compassion.  I emphasize inclusivity and support of  your Loved One, as opposed to making him or her feel ostracized or punished for the addiction/disease he or she is struggling with. 

Love restores hope, and as a Love First Intervention Specialist, I believe that together we can create a plan designed to encourage your Loved One to get help.  I will offer you effective tools, useful resources, and compassionate support throughout the whole intervention process.  My hope is to bring you, your Loved One, and your entire Recovery Team a sense of grounding to what is an extremely challenging situation.

You have been battling this long enough.  I invite you to call my office for a free 15-minute consultation to talk about how I can best help you and your family support your loved one in a path of recovery.  

Kagey Family Counseling – 832-928-0211.